Friday, June 24, 2011

chinese tattoo pictures

Back in the day, it was thought that you were connected with the mob or in criminal activity if you had a Chinese tattoo design. Thanks to the popularity of tattoos by professional athletes, rap artists, celebrities and everyday people, tattoos and especially Chinese tattoos are becoming more accepted and even admired in this day and age. Needless to say, these tattoos have become very fascinating and are some of the most searched for tattoo designs on the internet today. As the different cultures continue to blend in this melting pot of people, more and more people are searching for information on authentic Chinese tattoo designs.

chinese tattoo picturesThe great interest with Chinese tattoos is the artistic value along with the mystery of people not knowing exactly what your tattoo represents. Every time I see someone with a Chinese tattoo, I wonder what their tattoo means. It can very well be an ice breaker in any situation, your job or even social events as people will start to have conversation with you about your amazing tattoo.

chinese tattoo picturesMost people will decide to get a tattoo that represents something important to them such as their values, beliefs, goals in life, happiness, peace and even losing a loved one. That’s why Chinese tattoos are such a popular choice because you can accomplish this with such a small artistic display compared to writing out what you’re trying to say or having several pictures to get your point across.

chinese tattoo picturesYou must do your homework and do your due research if this is something you think you might like to have. You definitely don’t want to be misled or get the wrong information about what your Chinese tattoo translates into. You want a source that you can trust so that you won’t get a tattoo that you think means peace and love, then you find out later on it means something totally different. How embarrassing and upsetting would that be. Be very careful and very diligent with your research. There are several tattoo websites that will give you an accurate definition of your Chinese tattoo.

Remember that there are many slightly different meanings and the smallest change can result in your Chinese tattoo meaning something totally different than what you want to display. You don’t want your lack of research on something like this to last you a whole life time. You’ll end up regretting and second guessing your decision to even get a tattoo.

If at all possible try to speak with someone that actually speaks Chinese so that you can have the correct interpretation and you can know exactly what each symbol means before you get your tattoo.

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